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Diocesan Boys' School Foundation Pavilion

To celebrate Diocesan Boys’ School’s Sesquicentenary in 2019, Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation Limited will inaugurate a commemorative pavilion opposite the Main Building.

The pavilion, to be named “Road to 150”, celebrates 150 years of excellence in education and symbolizes the establishment of Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation Limited since 2012. The pavilion’s primary design concept features a Cross and steps as symbols of Christianity and our School’s heritage, with fifteen columns erected to represent the past fifteen decades of our esteemed history. Students and teachers can use the space to gather for practice and performance. The Pavilion intends to connect the past, present, and future of DBS, a welcoming place to embrace the School and our community.

Key Design Concepts:

  • The Circular Plan, a gesture of embracement and dialogue between The School and The Foundation


  • The Pillars, “Road to 150 years” recorded in 15 steel columns denoting the School’s history

  • The Cross, remembering our roots and path of Christ


  • The Stepped Terrace steps a symbol of our school’s heritage


  • The House Colors, 8 house colors representing the spirit of our students

Public Amenity, Landscape, 2019, Hong Kon



Public Amenity






Hong Kong



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