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Capital Advance
Head Office

The owner of the project, a young and ambitious entrepreneur, acquired a new space to house her property development group’s head office. Located conveniently on the upper floors of a Grade A commercial building in the heart of Central, the office unit embraces the stimulating CBD landscape of Hong Kong which becomes the first main required feature for the project.

The owner requested a bright and stylish office space while looking to achieve a chic and energetic ambiance in balance with the professional image she wanted for her company. The office unit had a generous street-view frontage but lacked the internal depth of space which was a challenge when considering the programs to fit a conference room, 5 private offices, and 16 staff within less than 180 s.m. An open plan was adapted to provide maximum visual and natural light while encouraging cross-communication between users. Incorporating highlights of vibrant colors and fluid forms throughout the materials finishes, the office provides a rich and vivid impression to the onlooker of the space.

Workspace, Interior Design, 2018, Hong Kong





Interior Design




Hong Kong



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