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AHA Restaurant & Bar

A project that renewed the brand, cuisine, and spatial identity of the restaurant, the design team worked closely with the owner, management team, F&B, and branding consultants to create a completely new experience of a contemporary bistro bar and restaurant in the heart of Central District.

Located on the ground floor, the project’s first task was to create an attractive and welcoming frontage to draw customers. With the main logo placed on the central column, the shop front is flanked by two similar yet functionally distinct openings to allow physical and visual access into the restaurant. Pronounced by golden arched profiles and custom-designed electroplated steel screen patterns, the entrances offer a strong street-front identity. Full height French doors allow customers to flow between indoor and out, leveraging the street front as part of the bistro.

The brand identity was inspired by the notion of gourmet sharing or “communion for food”. Places of worship became a reference for the design, seeking forms and shapes from churches and alter. Inspired by the nave and vaulted ceilings, the main dining area opens up to a bold and airy interior, taking advantage of the 5m ceiling height. A golden metallic pipe organ-inspired wine display frames the bar area with a glittering presence.

The challenge of the project comes from the irregular-sized lot, where all shear walls are non-perpendicular. All necessary functions and fixtures for the restaurant need to be meticulously planned to maximize spatial efficiency.

As part of the final touches to create a memorable and unique destination, the design team collaborated with British ceramic artist Margaret O’Rorke to design a series of hand-profiled translucent porcelain ceiling lamps for the project, highlighting the double-height dining space with the uniquely warm and organic forms.

Restaurant, Interior Design, 2018, Hong Kong





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